Epsilon-publi: contenus en ligne

Creating resources

1 - Create your account

It's free. You will receive your password by email and be able to start publishing on epsilon-publi.net. Register

2 - Launch EpsilonWriter.

3 - EpsilonWriter is the authoring tool of several kinds of resources :

  • A standard document, which may contain a questionnaire
  • TQuiz with changing targets
  • TQuiz with durable targets
  • A sequence of Aplusix exercises

4 - Dedicated Tutorials

To know more about creation of each kind of resource, we advise to look at its dedicated page:

5 - Publishing

To publish some content, you have to connect to Epsilon-publi ("Web" menu then "connect to epsilon-publi"). Once connected, you access your publishing workspace. You can change the description of your workspace. Once connected, "Web" menu gives you several Web saving options to directly save your resource directly into your workspace.