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Easy tools for maths on computers, tablets and smartphones

Use existing ready to go resources or create your own.

Quick access to resources, apps and websites

EpsilonWriter Web


Tools to write, calculate, draw functions

Mathematical formulas are displayed naturally

As on a blackboard, a book or a notebook

Very easy editing

Write paragraphs with text and formulas

Calculate with gestures

Calculate with dynamic algebra: drag and drop by equivalence, calculations on selection.
Get explanations of the calculations made.

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Drawing curves

Drawing functions, parametric or polar curves, choosing color, thickness and zoom.

Drawing curves

Animated curves

Animating curves (translation, rotation, zoom, distortion) with persistence and colors gradient.

Animating curves

New : Send mathematical greeting cards, animated and customised Discover the cards


Learn as you play

Items fall one by one from the top the screen. The student has to place each item in the right target cell by touching the cell or using the arrows. The score is displayed with gauges. An explanation is provided for each error and an end of the game report displays the right answers and the errors. With TQuiz, train, test yourself and progress with a playful approach.

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Aplusix Neo

S'entraîner et apprendre les calculs

Application to practice algebraic calculations on real and complex numbers. It checks, on demand, the calculation of the student and the completion of the exercise. It is possible to register a tutor( a teacher, a parent...who agrees to play this role) and notify to her the work done or ask for her help.

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Discuss Math with ease

A chat application that allows an easy integration of math formulas. Runs on smartphones, tablet or computers. Start a new chat and invite very easily your contacts.

ecran Chat4Math

Create and share your own resources

You can create your own resources and share them on the website. With EpsilonWriter, you can create documents, questionnaires, Aplusix exercises and TQuiz games. To help you, EpsilonWriter includes powerful tools like the automatic generation of expressions that can be used for an exercise statement or item, as well as an answer or an explanation.

You can publish and update easily your content on the website.

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The Aristod company, which developed these tools, ceased its activities in April 2019, due to the very low interest that these tools have generated.
Jean-Francois Nicaud, the main author of these tools, keeps them available to users on this website for a few years.

Contact: jeanfrancois dot nicaud at laposte dot net